Welcome to Mindful Status

In this recent remote/WFH heavy workspace, working peacefully has become challanging. Too many sync-ups, frequent messages & calls, mostly it's difficult to ignore them politely.
Result: your own work suffers.

Enters Supp !!

You can form a group with your co-workers or friends, and Supp gives you an instant glance at what they are doing & who's free or busy before pinging them.
Mindfulness restored at workspace! 😇


What Supp Provides

  • Space For Your Team

    Stay connected with your colleagues in discrete secure groups.Manage your team the way you want to.

  • Instant Status Updates

    Tell your teammates what you are doing currently and view their live status.
    No more unnecessary team sync-ups.

  • Availability is Sacred

    Do Not Disturb (DnD) mode to rescue! Switch it on to polietly tell your group not to disturb you at the moment.

A Few Common Queries

  • Q: How much do you charge for the service?
  • A: It's free and always will be.
  • Q: How do I connect with my colleagues?
  • A: Either create a fresh team or join an existing one.Each team has a unique ID, which every member has access to. To join, just ask them to share it and you are in.
  • Q: Who gets to manage my team's group?
  • A: The person who creates the team is by default the MOD for it.
  • Q: What if I want to switch to diffrent team or leave current team?
  • A: Just click on Leave Team button and join the new one.Multiple teams per user are not supported currently.
  • Q: There's an issue I found with your product.How do I report it?
  • A: Please take out a minute and mail it to me. I'll be more than happy to look into it.
  • Q: Loveing Supp. How do I say kudos to the maker?
  • A: Thanks Please drop me a mail by clicking on the below button

Have anything else to ask? I'd love to hear!